Saturday, October 31, 2009

What's On The Easel

A sunrise like this just makes me want to stay home and paint!
Falls light is second only to winters.
These are two paintings in a series of four that I am working on for my show in February. The surface only has 2 layers of glazed colors on it right now. Glazing is one of my favorite ways to work on an image. The color layers lay on top of each other in very thin, transparent layers and become rich and varied as I place more colors. These two paintings are only about 2% complete. Shows how much you can do with only two colors.
This painting is large - a 30x60 birch panel wrapped in a luscious batik in greens. The work is only about 20% complete. My plan is to build up multiple layers of mediums to create a lush, full feel to the Queen Anne's Lace in the foreground.
This is the other large painting. I clearly recall the exact day I saw this sunset. I was on my home from work and just coming up the driveway. I had both kids in the car and they just wanted to go home and eat! I just HAD to take the shot before the light disappeared behind the trees ! This piece will be my biggest challenge. Snow is sort of magical and I want to get just the right feel.