Sunday, December 27, 2009

What's on the Easel

Full throttle painting this week. This is the last "chunk" of time I will have to get ready for the February show at the Gallery at Harmon's and Barton's. In the meantime, two other opportunities have presented themselves that I had to address.

First, I sold four items from my Etsy shop. A great thing that left only three items in my store front. Not a very inviting place to - I have four new quote series almost ready to post.

Second, the Maine Art Education Association is having an exhibition at the Saco Museum next month! This is an opportunity I did not want to miss. I decided to restart my work on "Stranded at Sea" This piece is the direction I want my work to go in but I knew that I could not fill a room with it by February so I had put it on hold. It's just about ready for exhibition.

Every day that use Acrylics I discover delicious color layer possibilities! The Acrylic mediums just add intrigue to the surface. There is not limit to what this medium can do. My newest love is how Soft Gel Matte layered over colors looks so much like encaustic. It's really yummy.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Studio

Snow Day!!!! :-) I get the chance to post my new winter studio digs. Thanks to Caren Marie Michel I now have a wall space to paint on. This took two days to set up but I am really happy with the results. What is on the work space right now is one of two 30x40 paintings that I am working on for Feb. Well - now that this is posted, I need to take a shower, fill some water jugs and, get ready to loose the power!