Saturday, February 4, 2012

Acrylics Workshop

This blog post will be a supplement for my Adult Ed. Acrylics Workshop. If there is anything else you would like to know just ask in class and I can write a response in the comment section. If you want to be notified of any updated posts you will need to "follow" this blog.

This set includes 8 fluid colors, color mixing guide and application guide. The link is to Dick Blick art supply. As of this post they are out of stock but will be available Feb 13. I also found them at Jerry's Artarama for $20.00.

I found this set for $16.00 at Daniel Smith on line. It's a great price and and good selection of mediums. For those who love heavy thick impasto the extra heavy gel would be yummy for this application. The set comes with a product sample card.

These are my favorite brushes. I told one student that I thought they were a blend of natural and synthetic but they are actually a synthetic bristle designed to act like a bristle only better. They maintain shape when holding heavy paint. As far as size and shape goes that is so much an artists choice. I guess I would go for at least one flat and one round for now. As for size, the more choice you have the better but you might start with numbers between 4 and 12 for now. I have some "Blick Studio Synthetic" brushes that behave very well. They have a set of four at a good price. I also like "Silverwhite" brushes. I tend to use these for more fluid applications like washes and glazes. I will tell you that there is nothing that can take the place of a good brush!

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Golden's web site. This is a fabulous resource!
This is a great Tri-Art fluid acrylic video about color saturation and lush viscous mixes with gel medium.
The Tri-Art web site. This is the Canadian acrylic manufacturer.
Tri-Art non stick palette at Dick Blick. Very Cool!!

When we cover glazing you will really benefit from reading this entry by Canadian Artist Robert Genn. If you LOVE learning Genn's bi-weekly news letters are an awesome resource. THIS is the Glazing Keys entry by Genn.