Thursday, July 28, 2011

Step by Step Quote Series

Step 4 Quote Commission / Collaboration
This is a step by step documentation, creating a Quote Panel

- another layer of violet washes
- addition of some iridescent pearl acyclic color
- the digital images have been varnished and adhered to the surface
- the quote is printed on vellum, varnished and adhered to the surface
- in this photo, self leveling clear gel is allowed to sit in droplets on the surface....tomorrow, these will retain the circle shape and round dome so that I can add color rings

More later.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Step by Step Quote Series

Even though I am on step three of this commission quote panel I thought I should post the process. When I teach, I can use these posts to support teaching and learning. This work involves two images on the same panel, violet colors and a motherhood quote by Abraham Lincoln.

1. prepare and prime the support by sanding and then coating both sides with gesso
2. print out the images, seal them with varnish and coat the support with requested acrylic this case, acrylic fiber paste (Golden's video library, the fiber paste video is in the second row down)
3. apply the first layer of color using flow release and acrylic colors / the flow release allows the color to really run around fast, just like it does on wet watercolor paper

Watercolor is actually a great medium to learning painting techniques. Many of the same processes used to create a watercolor are used in other kinds of painting processes. This layer has wet into wet, controlled bleeding and a water spritz for added drama. This is just the under layer. More later.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Moves So Fast!

After two weeks of cleaning my class room, getting it ready for floor scrubbing and a new school year, I could officially start my "Summer Break"

It took a week to complete the MAEA Fall conference at Haystack registration packets. If you click on the link you can see the studio space that I will be teaching Acrylics in for this conference! I'm very excited about this opportunity and already have some products donated by Golden. Fun fun FUN!!!

Next - a photographer pal of mine, Pam Davis asked me if I would be interested in being in the local Community Days. She got a booth and I said sure! Good practice! I prepared 6 new quote series and 8 small (6x9) pastels to have in my booth. I now have fine art card reproductions available and I also got a display tree that I had seen to display my work. Fair booths take a whole lot of work! It ended up being the hottest weekend of the summer! I had a great time and now I know how much I can fit in my car. All in all a good experience. No buyers but lots of interest and many cards passed out. We shall see. Below is a small sample of new work. I tried to keep things $100.00 or under. To see all of the new work click here.