Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer Work 2011

 Allan and I took short day trips this summer. We explored Lands End on Bailey Island. No luck fishing but the weather was beautiful and we had never been there before. The crib stone bridge is quite a sight and the only one in the US. This is a small pastel that I did for the day.

We took several day trip together this summer. Much enjoyed after the summer spent in the hospital last year. One trip was a particularly beautiful afternoon at Winslow Park in Freeport - again, no fish, but, the light and scenery was fabulous. This is one of our favorite camp spots.

6x9 on Wallis Paper, looking towards the camp sites from the NEW stone pier.

The next outing was a glorious day painting with Pastel Painters of Maine. The weather looked awesome but it was a very hot day. The things I learned that day were amazing and made me long for more time to paint with this group. They are fantastic teachers and very giving. I long for the days when I can join them MOST of the time.

both 6x9 on Wallis Paper, looking out across the water on the bridge before the farm.

The last piece is something I have wanted to do for my self for some time now. This drawing is not complete. It is about 80% done. It is a composite of our sons about the time of graduation. I still have some fine tuning to do and some personality to add but I'm pretty happy with the progress. Have to go for now! First REAL week of school starts tomorrow.