Friday, July 18, 2014

Sacred Partners 2014

Sacred Partners
July 18th 2014

Progress has been slow but what I have is satisfying. I seem to have hit an information overload wall. There are so many images, ideas and bits of information in regards to environmental issues all crowding my mind in not enough order to make visual. 
Each time I find a source, book or speaker that resonates it leads me to five more! 

Just when I feel I am starting to see some imagery through the cloud 
a breeze comes along and stirs up the fog in my mind.

 Feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of what is transpiring I struggle with the feeling of hopelessness - but then I find somebody like Charles Eisenstein speak and feel a little sense of order and purpose. The fog settles a bit. I add more books to my list and move a few steps forward. Charles Eisenstein "The Ascent of Humanity" George Monbiot "Ferel"

Not complete but closer.

Well - off to try and make my way through the fog of my thoughts.

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